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A visa is an endorsement on a passport or other travel document. It basically permits its holder entry to a certain country and a stay for stated period of time, say, three months. A visa, therefore, can be said to be permission granted to a foreign national to enter and undertake certain activities in another country, as specified on the visa.

In order for a person to get a visa, they must apply for it. A visa is not just issued, it has to be applied for, and granted. Grant of visas is never an automatic process. The applicant for a visa has to fulfill certain requirements and conditions. This is because the visa is issued based on certain conditions.

A good example is Australia. Australia requires that any visitor be issued with a visa. Only Australian citizens may enter Australia without a visa. Any other person must have a valid visa so as to gain entry into the country. Visas in Australia are issued by staff of the department of immigration. There are many visas available to applicants. Some of these visas that are issued by the department of immigration include visitor visa, work visas, student visas, partner visa and permanent visas. Others include protection visas issued to refugees and political dissidents.

All visas are issued with certain conditions, such as no work, work limit or limitations on stay or entry. Visitors to Australia are not allowed to and do not have permission to work. Students with student visas can work but only for limited number of hours per week.

The Australian government allows visa applicants to seek help with their visa applications. This is because the visa application process can be long, tedious and complicated. However, assistance with visa applications may only be obtained from registered migration agents. These are people who specialize in helping people make the right decisions with their visa applications. Migration agents have to be registered by the migration association of Australia. The agents have to adhere to a certain code of conduct, good practice as well as knowledge of the Australian migration laws.

Visa applications require certain documents to be submitted for verification purposes. Students seeking to study overseas or in Australia must demonstrate that they are genuine students seeking to pursue studies in a certain discipline. They should be of good health, sound mind and have access to resources necessary to facilitate the course of study.

After a thorough assessment, a student visa may be issued.

To become an Australian permanent resident, a person will need to apply for a permanent resident visa. This is a visa that allows them to love permanently in Australia and to bring their family with them.

If a holder of a visa violates the terms of their visa, then it may be cancelled by members of the immigration department. If a visa expires while the holder is still overseas, they should endeavor to notify the immigration authorities so the visa gets renewed ot the holder makes plans to depart the country.